Donor Services:

Charity Works Helps the Donor Community Receive Accountability...

Leveraged giving works best. By participating in Charity Works' innovative purchasing advisory services, a program called Charitable Alliance Network, (CAN), donors can effectively enhance the purchasing status of their selected nonprofits. Inherent by design, the CAN program provides services that directly benefit nonprofits through cooperative purchasing initiatives that build stronger vendor relationships.

By participating in the CAN program, donors, both large and small, can achieve their goals and more. Donors are able to:

Nonprofit Services:

Charity Works Helps the Nonprofit Community Achieve Mission Goals

Charitable Alliance Network Brochure, (CAN)

Do your organization's "challenges" often out number your "solutions?" In addition to the vital day-to-day services you offer your community, your organization must continually pursue the following goals:

How can organizations, like yours, meet these goals? First, take advantage of and learn about organizations designed to help you, such as Charity Works. We're much different in principle than "group purchasing organizations" (GPOs). We're a nonprofit, like you, with a mission to help you and your donors gain the clout and recognition you deserve from the business community.

By forming strategic partnerships with donors, vendors and nonprofits we aggregate common needs, leverage and ACHIEVE purchasing power while retaining multiple vendor choices.

Example: Florida's Department of Management Services now encourages state term contract vendors to extend parity pricing to Florida's charities... Check pricing here Can this stretch your organization's funding dollars?

The innovative giving model we call "supply-channel philanthropy" is similar to what government agencies use in negotiating "Most Favorable Customer" (MFC) status from vendors. However, our model involves, not excludes, the vendor community and presents them with a lucrative vertical market and opportunities for philanthropic participation.

The development of the Charitable Alliance Network (CAN) Program is the incarnation of the supply-channel philanthropy model. Through the CAN program, we have successfully brought together the philanthropic community and its suppliers to help others. And we're adding participant’s every day.

In addition, when considering your strategic solutions, take a few minutes to explore our site, read what others have to say about us and how we've helped them.

Vendor Services:

Charity Works Helps the Vendor Community Expand Sales

Charity Works helps vendors increase their sales volume through the Charitable Alliance Network, (CAN) program by marketing vendor commitments to Florida and US charities. Participation achieves the successful integration of smart philanthropy and good business.

Charity Works is the ONE SOURCE that vendors can turn to achieve their philanthropic goals. Through the CAN program vendors are also able to find a giving STRATEGY THAT SUITS THEM. From product donation to "price discounting" as an added measure of value, vendors - large and small - are given new ways to integrate philanthropy in their business goals.

Consumers embrace the causes they care about. According to Giving USA, in 1997, Americans contributed $144 billion to nonprofit organizations.

Specifically, three out of four Americans said they would switch to brands or retailers associated with a reputable charitable cause if quality, price and selection are equal, according to a 1997 Roper survey.

This trend of cause-related consumerism and giving hasn't changed. Recent studies estimate baby boomers are expected to contribute 1 trillion dollars to charitable causes in the near future. Customer concern for and perception of good corporate citizenship are high and are strategic factors vendors can no longer afford to dismiss.

Aside from the average consumer, the CAN program opens up a new market of consumers for vendors--nonprofits, charitable organizations, and their donors. Charity Works is bringing together ALL charitable organizations (estimated 800,000 in the US, spending 5 billion plus on goods and services) to help leverage donor dollars through strategic alliances with you, the vendor.

From achieving corporate goals to opening up new markets and developing strategic alliances, the CAN program is a model that works for philanthropy and businesses.

Why You Should Participate

In addition to daily business challenges, vendors must achieve the following goals: