About Charity Works, Inc.


Charity Works was founded in March 1996, and incorporated in the State of Florida on April 16, 1996. Its corporate headquarters is located in Clearwater, Florida and the founder and CEO is Mr. Chris R. Renfrow, a CPA* and CFE. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors.

Charity Works has been active in numerous philanthropic activities, including fund-raising events that have benefited thousands of disadvantaged and underprivileged children and adults. In addition, the organization has focused on building a unique network of vendors and philanthropic affiliates that have enabled Charity Works to assist other nonprofits in the purchasing of goods and services under favorable terms and conditions that otherwise would be unavailable to them. We now are expanding our organization and its programs to provide services nationwide.

Mission -- Helping Those Who Help Others ®

Charity Works promotes charitable giving and aids tax-exempt organizations by assisting them in managing their funds more effectively when used to acquire needed resources from others.


The values of Charity Works are trust, integrity, engagement, and respect. Together these values reflect our responsibility to achieve a collaborative process whereby the public and private sectors work to more effectively and efficiently regulate, develop, and exchange resources for humanitarian causes.


Charity Works will be a national recognized intermediary that offers a charitable alliance network of donors, vendors and nonprofits that unites business interests with philanthropic efforts.